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Security of payment disputes – Service of notices and actual receipt – BCFK Holdings v Rork Projects – Construction & Planning

Is it legal to drive barefoot in New South Wales? – Crime

SEC Wrong on Crypto – LexBlog

ChatGPT Power Tips for Lawyers & Law Firms

COURT OF APPEAL SUMMARIES (May 1, 2023 – May 5, 2023)

Non-state actors and international obligations under humanitarian law: an analysis of the R2P

The EU Network and Information Security Directive II (NIS2 Directive): analysis of the content of the recently adopted legislation and future implications for private entities.

The Schengen Agreement: Scope and Peculiarities

How to talk with your partner about a financial agreement – Divorce

Can a social media post amount to a criminal offence? – Crime

It Depends – Do I need a shareholder agreement? – Shareholders

Reputation in a registered trade mark not a factor for deceptive similarity: Self Care IP Holdings Pty Ltd v Allergan Australia Pty Ltd – Trademark

Ethics and Professionalism in the Legal Profession: Insights and Guidelines for US Attorneys

Article: Inheritance Law – LexBlog

HELP online course on The Environment and Human Rights

An API for the Human Mind

Here we go again – Panera, Chipotle and Taylor Farms linked to another E. coli Romaine Lettuce Outbreak – And, it is covered up by CDC and FDA

One police officer opens a car door, and another looks inside. Did they search without a warrant?

Washington Post: US Supreme Court Justice Thomas’s wife accepted over $80K from conservative legal activist – JURIST

New Report on State State Standing in Student Loan Case Comes Up A Few Dollars Short

Federal jury convicts leader of far-right Proud Boys in January 6 Capitol riot case – JURIST

Northern California Grantmakers 2023 Conference

F and F – an attorney retreat story

Saturday, May 6, 2023 – How Appealing

Saturday, May 6, 2023 – How Appealing

This Must Stop: Government and Liberal Party Go All-In On Speech Regulation With Political Truth Oversight Bodies, Mandated Press Source Tracing, and Disclosure of Critics’ Communications

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