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‘Jury Duty’ Is A Great Show For Lawyers And Legal Professionals

NLRB Continues to Expand its Arsenal of Remedies – KJK

Moving Your Manufacturing Out of China: Do You Really Own Your Product?

Moving Your Manufacturing Out of China: Do You Really Own Your Product?

Morel Mushrooms appear cause of Dave’s Sushi outbreak that has sickened 30, killing 2

Three Celebrity Estate Planning Fails

Meta Reneged on Privacy Deal, FTC Says: Data Privacy Trends

Missouri Appeals Court Allows Racial Discrimination Suit to Proceed Against Harley-Davidson, Syncreon

With Biglaw Billing Rate At 15-Year Low, Associates Should Be Prepared For More Layoffs

Executing Richard Glossip Will Show a Brittle, Unsafe System

State AG Updates: April 6-12, 2023

“All of humanity is just a passing phase, for intelligence.”

FCA Proposes Radical Reforms to Encourage UK Listings: 60-Second Read

What I Hope to Learn from Justice Stevens’ Papers on Kelo v. City of New London

Now Live At The Non-Event: Your Guide To Clio App Integrations!

2023 IRS Dirty Dozen: List of Tax Shelters Identified by IRS

The Detrimental Long-term Effects of Road Accidents and How Victims Can Get Compensation

Understanding the New IRS Rules for Electric Cars

EEOC Affirms Decision Certifying Nationwide Class of Deaf Civilian Employees and Applicants in Case Against the US Air Force

How-to articles for lawyers are good. This is better.  

Bold Proposal: Let’s Just Convict People Of Crimes We Can Prove They Committed

Pitfalls, Perils, and Playfulness: Exploring the Fun and Risks of AI in the Legal World*

What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

5 Situations Where You May Not Know a Solicitor Can Help You

Understanding the Different Types of Criminal Charges and Their Potential Penalties

The 6 Most Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse in Fresno

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