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New Amendments to Illinois Special Education Regulations Increase Translation Accommodations for Parents and Guardians

AI Could Reduce Billable Hours. But Is That Really a Bad Thing?

Latest Market Guidance on the National Security and Investment Act 2021 (“NSIA”) is not particularly comforting to UK restructuring professionals

Biden Administration Plans to Extend Residency and Work Permits for Afghans Who Came to US Under Parole Status

Ninth Circuit: Obama Could Expand National Monument in Southwest Oregon

Partners Lead Mass Defection From Biglaw Firm, With Up To 140 Lawyers Set To Join New Boutique

Duquesne Kline Law Reappoints Dean

Biden Administration Announces End of Contractor COVID Vaccine Mandate

Another Judicial Ethics Story About Justice Thomas Falls Apart

Federal Judge Disappointed Biglaw Attorneys Can’t Display Basic Compassion

Employment Chairs Lead Mass Departure From Lewis Brisbois To Newly Launched Firm

In wake of Palestine activist’s death in Israel prison, supporters launch rockets toward Israel – JURIST

How is a DUI Charge Determined in Denver?

Lawyers Breathe A Sigh Of Relief: They Can Turn Off Chat History For ChatGPT

What is a Probation Before Judgment Verdict for DUI Cases?

Lucky Number 7…8 and 9?: Indiana Passes Privacy Law With Tennessee and Montana Hot on Its Heels

New Cert Petition: Is Barring You From Accessing Your Own Property A Categorical Taking?

Internship Opportunity at NATO, Brussels

Law Firm Staff Hiring Procedures. Something Else More Complicated Than It Used To Be.

Commissioners’ Comments at the 42nd Annual Small Business Forum

Cross Examination of Jean Carroll in Alleged Trump Sex Assault and Defamation Case

DOJ Moves To Transfer Mike Flynn’s $50M LOLsuit Against US Government From Florida To DC

Bressler Principal Louis Mendez Honored with First Annual Southeastern Legal “On the Rise” Award

Nepal Supreme Court orders government to recognize same-sex marriage – JURIST

Internship Opportunity at Wiom, New Delhi [Internet Technology-Policy Leadership]

My Health My Data Act: Consumer Rights

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