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May 2023 Global Immigration Alert

With new Florida law authorizing death penalty for child rape, how might SCOTUS get to reconsider Kennedy?

“Why Criminal Defendants Cooperate: The Defense Attorney’s Perspective”

Michigan’s Clean Slate Act and What it Means for Criminal Background Checks

Workplace Accessibility Reports Under Ontario’s AODA Due By December 31, 2023

The Former Biglaw Partner In Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Calendar

FCPA Enforcement: New Corporate Enforcement Policy, Aggressive Enforcement, and Lessons Learned From Recent Resolutions

When Assessing the Propriety of Employee Discipline, One Size No Longer Fits All

Licensing Link – LexBlog

Insurance sureties: an alternative solution for environmental rehabilitation securities – Insurance Laws and Products

We Shouldn’t Have To Choose Between Disney Whipping DeSantis And A Dickensian Hellscape

Justice Stevens Papers Through 2005 To Be Made Available Starting Tomorrow

Seventh Circuit Affirms Decision Below in Favor of Blackstone in Ancestry Privacy Case

Gold Medal flour officially linked to Salmonella outbreak stretching from coast to coast

USCIS Releases FY2024 Cap Registration Statistics and Announces Measures to Combat Fraud

How To Respond to Pushback Against DEI

Market update: critical minerals – Mining

Donald Trump denied mistrial in sexual assault civil suit – JURIST

As Lines Blur Between Privacy and Security, Companies Face ‘Landmines Ahead’

Trump Demands Mistrial Because Carroll Judge Is MEAN

Spring Bankruptcy Boom Foretells Broad-Based Insolvency

A Quick Guide to Medical Billing Rules

Israel Supreme Court rules adopted children no longer have to undergo Orthodox conversions – JURIST

New Jersey’s Mini-WARN Act Amendments, Including Mandatory Severance, Now in Effect

How To Draft Fee-Shifting Provisions in Indemnification Clauses

Chevron Is Heading Back To The Court. This Totally Isn’t A Ploy To Strengthen The 6-3 Justice Skew.

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