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Real-Life Success Stories: Disqualification to NYPD Police Officer

Friday, September 8, 2023 – How Appealing

Friday, September 8, 2023 – How Appealing

Beyond Borders: California’s New Stance on Non-compete Agreements Affects Employers Nationwide

New York Cannabis Store Rollout for Formerly Convicted Business Owners Could Be in Jeopardy

Dianne Feinstein initially said she gave her daughter ‘no permission to do anything’ before calling a reporter back to clarify that she had given her daughter power of attorney

Is the Supreme Court Actually Deciding ‘Cases’ or ‘Controversies’?

HRW: Taliban continues to commit gender-based crimes against humanity in Afghanistan – JURIST

How Husch Blackwell’s Virtual Office Prioritizes In-Person Connections

The Importance of Choice of Law Provisions in Sales Contracts

Ohio top court dismisses challenges to congressional maps – JURIST

EU sanctions 6 for human rights abuses against Crimea journalist – JURIST

Fueling Brains E. coli Outbreak hits 142 in Calgary – What you need to know

Alito Refuses To Recuse As Kavanaugh Hopes Things Will Get Better – See Also

$7M ‘Bad Boy Clause’ in Postnuptial Agreement is Lawful, MD High Court Holds

CFPB Analyzes Mobile Device Tap-To-Pay Market as Possible Precursor to New Regulation

The Best Law Review Of Them All

The SEC’s Sudden Impact on NFTs!

Almost 130 children identified in an E. coli outbreak associated with daycare centers

A Big Red Flag – Above the Law

Are you Working Harder to Make Up For a Vacation?

The Briefing: How to Avoid Bearing The Risks of A Naked License

How Law Firms Use AI To Write Blog Posts Efficiently

Into the Final Stretch: Six Gatekeepers Confirmed Under the EU’s Digital Markets Acts

World Justice Project Releases Toolkit to Help Lawyers Talk About the Rule of Law  

Over 20,000 pounds of pork recalled over lack of import reinspection

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