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Property adjustment works in compulsory acquisitions – What is ‘just’ is not a matter for the courts – Land Law & Agriculture

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 – How Appealing

Turn Over Records Demanded and Hire Accounting Experts for Economic Damages

Biden administration proposes climate regulations to lower US vehicle emissions – JURIST

The High Court has made its decision – Who is entitled to compensation for compulsory acquisition of land? – Land Law & Agriculture

How principals can effectively manage defects and delays in projects – Construction & Planning

Eleventh Circuit: Objector Ted Frank Has Standing, But Class Reps Don’t

Managing psychological health and safety at work: the guidance provided by each Australian state and territory – Health & Safety

Why U.S. and U.K. Firms Capture More Profit

Cannabis Trademark Dispute Results in Bad Trip for Edibles Brand

Former Puerto Rico Mayor Pleads Guilty to Bribery Scheme

Whose Friend Do You Gotta Be To Receive Millions In Untaxed Gifts Over Here? — See Also

Physician and Clinic Office Manager Convicted of Unlawfully Distributing Over 600,000 Opioid Pills

North Dakota governor signs bill banning transgender girls from female-designated sports teams – JURIST

ICLG Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2023: Australia – International Courts & Tribunals

Attorney General’s review proposes Privacy Act overhaul – Data Protection

Contractual indemnities – handle with care! – Contracts and Commercial Law

Former US President Trump brings $500M lawsuit against attorney for ‘vast reputational harm’ – JURIST

2nd Circuit Weighs Whether US Securities Law Applies to Binance Transactions

Important developments regarding public holidays: Can employees be required to work? – Employee Rights/ Labour Relations

The Beehive State Joins the Buzz Around Minors and Social Media

Proskauer Prevails in Florida Death Penalty Case

Another Federal Agency Issues Request for Comments on AI

Cancellation of Business Visas under the Migration Act – Investment Immigration

The Most Desirable Biglaw Firm

Will eBook Ruling Impact Fair Use Analysis for Generative AI?

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