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Man Pleads Guilty to $3.1M Medicare Fraud Scheme

Nurse Practitioner Convicted of Opioid Distribution Conspiracy

Letting the Chips Fall

What A Drag, A Hot Lawyer, And Some Layoffs — See Also

This Judge Is About To Preside Over A Media Circus – And The Criminal Case Against Donald Trump

Kirkland’s Latest Cuts Targeted Even Busy Associates

Plaintiff, Who Had Published an Article Describing Herself as Escort, Sues Newspaper for Calling Her an Escort

Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group Adds to Headcount

Texas Supreme Court Split On Higher Ed’s Right To Revoke Degrees

Tim Tribe | Forensic Accountant Expert Witness

Trump Lawyers Warn Against Media ‘Circus’ As Chief Carnival Barker Boards Plane For New York

Marilyn McCullum | Legal Nurse Consultant Expert Witness

North Dakota High Court Calls for New Trial After Lower Court Improperly Merged DUI-Related Offenses

Bulgaria makes first voluntary contribution to war crimes victims’ fund – JURIST

As 2 appeals judges add Stanford Law to clerk boycott, 3L says moderates are too intimidated to speak out

February Bar Exam MBE Score Sinks To All-Time Low Thanks To Repeat Testers, COVID-19

Lawsuit Du Jour: Decades-Old CIPA Is Spurring Latest Wiretapping Litigation Trend

After Pandemic Hiatus, LSAC to Offer In-Person Option for LSAT

Guilty Knowledge and the Possession of Controlled Substances – North Carolina Criminal LawNorth Carolina Criminal Law

Dems Consider Going After Supreme Court’s Money If They Don’t Get An Actual Ethics Rule

Plaintiffs Are Suing Elon For $258 Billion Dollars Over Meme Money. I’d Want This Case Thrown Out Too.

Ohio Sues Express Scripts, Cigna, Prime Therapeutics and Humana Calling PBMs “Modern Gangsters”

2023 Leaders League Guide Recognizes GLS Capital Managing Director David Spiegel

Stites & Harbison Named to 2023 Top 10 Patent Firms in North America

Cadwalader partner reportedly resigns to lead Trump’s representation in Manhattan DA’s criminal case

Phygital Innovation: Balancing Personalization And Privacy Concerns And More

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