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Baker & Hostetler Becomes Inaugural Sponsor of Georgetown Law’s Pipeline Program

Now That Is A Devilish ‘Yo Momma’ Joke – See Also

Now That Is A Devilish ‘Yo Momma’ Joke – See Also

After Bill Barr Blew Up The Case, Michael Flynn Sues DOJ Demanding $50M For Malicious Prosecution

The Long History Of Women Arguing Before The Supreme Court

Appeal Court Nixes $1.4M Award, Citing Improper Jury Instruction on Minority Shareholder’s Fiduciary Duty

Up in the Air: Pending Airline Acquisition Garners Attention and Lawsuit From DOJ

Why PTO?

A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions

Tax Strategies for Solos & Smalls in a Digital and Web 3.0 World

Trump Accuser’s Lawyers Set to Use ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape, Other Accusers’ Testimony to Show Trump’s ‘Pattern’ of Behavior

What to Learn From the Department of Justice Criminal Enforcement Guidance

Court Reverses Sanctions, Contempt Order Against Attorney, Clients Over Claims Made in Appellate Brief

Biglaw Firm’s Chair Compares Associates To ‘Elite Athletes’

D.C. Circuit Reversees District Court for the Third Time in a Single Case

Journal of Free Speech Law: “Different Strokes for Different Folks: Academic Freedom, Civility,

Voter-registration dispute during 2020 election raises question of attorney’s fees

ABA: Kentucky Law Noncompliant Due to Finances

ABA: Kentucky Law Noncompliant Due to Finances

Biglaw Partner Ends The Gatekeeping And Shares What You Need To Know To Be Successful In An Appellate Practice

‘Unethical and Unacceptable Behavior’: Newly Released Reports Cite Tom Girardi’s Relationships With State Bar Officials

You Know What Doesn’t Have Diploma Privilege? AI

Court backlogs persist in this state because of shortage of attorneys; ‘the wheels of justice depend on lawyers’

Court Orders Peter Navarro To Cough Up Government Documents On His Personal Device

Honestly, How Does A Blog Help A Law Firm?

Honestly, How Does A Blog Help A Law Firm?

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