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Latest Dominion Doc Dump Shows Big Mens Rea Energy At Fox

Eighth Circuit: S. Dakota’s 1-Year Filing Deadlines for Ballot Initiatives Violate First Amendment

How to Use Tech to Improve Communication for Your Law Firm

Communication Tools for Law Firms

Susman Godfrey Partner’s Sterling Resume, High Billable Hours Inspire Jokes At Judiciary Committee Hearing

Attorney Sued For ‘Quiet Quitting’ Her Law Firm Job Now Seeks Sanctions

The cost of neutrality: Swiss defense industry ‘just losing our market’ amid Ukraine conflict

A Consistent Approach to Protecting Judicial Review in Both the US and Israel

Can Teenagers Get in Trouble for Skipping School?

More Law Firms Should Schedule Happy Hours For Attorneys And Staff

Stop Blaming Merrick Garland For Donald Trump Still Being A Free Man

6th Circuit Reinstates Debt Collection Suit: Plaintiff ‘Can Hang Her Hat on’ Attorney’s Alleged FDCPA Violation

As ‘Nuclear’ Verdicts Rise in New York, Report Says More ‘Thermonuclear’ Awards Are on Horizon

A Connecticut Court Just Dismissed A Case Against A Doctor Who Secretly Inseminated His Patients With His Own Sperm

A Guide for Legal Professionals

Assessing the Legal Claims in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA

Who Would Make A More Exciting Presidential Candidate: Ron DeSantis Or A Piece Of Dry Toast?

With MDL Pending, LA-Based Personal Injury Firm Opposes California’s Proposed HPV Vaccine Mandate

“Book Bans,” “Social Media Censorship,” and Our Tongues

COVID-19 Backlogs: Civil Cases Grow As Courts Prioritize Criminal Cases

New Class Action: Ivy Leagues Accused of Price Fixing

If The Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Doesn’t Get Elon Musk, The Dip In Stock Will

If The Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Doesn’t Get Elon Musk, The Dip In Stock Will

Walmart Prevails Over Lessor in Battle Over Plan to Demolish Baltimore Stores

To Improve DEI Outcomes, Firms Must Address Pitches and Work Allocation, Consultants Say

“The World’s First Robot Lawyer Has Been Practicing Law Without a License —”

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