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The Hard Law School Questions Start Way Before The First Cold Call – See Also

The Sinking Profitability Of Biglaw

ChatGPT Is Scarily Good At Answering Legal Questions

SPACs Rush Court of Chancery Asking to Confirm Stock Increase Validity

Court Tosses Trump Bid To Bone Discovery On The Eve Of Carroll Defamation Trial

Lawyers Can Officially Kiss Those Giant Signing Bonuses Goodbye

Talked To Some Union Guys Building Buses And The Secret Service, Also Kamala Harris Was There

Rising Costs Are Keeping Healthcare CFOs Up a Night — Can Data Help?

As Biden obtains confirmation of 100th federal judge, focus turns to red state vacancies

Lawyer Accused Of $10 Million Scam That She Allegedly Spent Gambling In Vegas

When in Doubt, Consult the Bible?

First Circuit Nominee Grilled Over Representation of Student in Sexual Assault Dispute

Prosecutors Sent Trump A Special Valentine’s Motion To Pierce Attorney-Client Privilege Under The Crime-Fraud Exception

Understanding Big Law: A Must-Read Guide To One Of The Most Challenging Workplaces In The World Is Now Available

George Santos and the Proliferation of Defamation Sexual Harassment Suits

Filevine Unveils AI-Driven Immigration Forms, Accounting Integration with Oracle NetSuite, and A Broad Vision for AI

How Financial Institutions Can Help Combat Wildlife Trafficking Through ESG Initiatives

The ABA’s Bold Stance Against Losers (Of The Civil War)

Is It Time To Return To In-Person Events?

Plea bargaining and a high-profile separation-of-powers case

Elon Musk Rights ‘Error’ Of Hiring Competent Biglaw Firm

Do You Want To Make Partner Or Just Make Money? [Sponsored]

Law School Is The Most Expensive Way To Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life

The Most Successful Biglaw Firms On Earth, According To ChatGPT (2023)

Critical Mass With Law.com’s Amanda Bronstad: Two Mass Tort Bankruptcies Fight for Survival, Judge Sanctions Facebook and Gibson Dunn Over ‘Sustained, Concerted, Bad-Faith’

‘I Just Wrote a Long Letter to a Client’: Managing Expectations Is Sometimes a Battleground

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