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Can the Appraisal Panel Consider Amounts Previously Agreed to and Paid By the Insurer?

Court Holds Transgender Women Can Be Sorority Sisters

A New Era For The Cyprus Justice System – Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Curated Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 8/27/23

Detailing challenges after Florida’s move away from requiring capital jury unanimity

Researchers assess link between social status and infection risk

Burmese hip-hop artist sentenced to 20 years for criticising Myanmar’s military leadership – JURIST

Benefits of Hiring a Court Appearance Attorney: An Insightful Guide

Saturday, August 26, 2023 – How Appealing

The Ultimate Blueprint To Elevate Your Legal Practice

Call for Blogs by Alliance Centre for Intellectual Property Rights

US Law Firms Continue To Grapple With Lower Productivity And Reduced Demand

“Students always find their place here” said Assistant Dean Clémence Kucera

Can a security guard touch you under the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW)? – Crime

Court Affirms Order Voiding Marriage Between Decedent And His Niece

Saturday, August 26, 2023 – How Appealing

Court Affirmed Order Removing A Power Of Attorney Agent For Breaches Of Fiduciary Duty

Bob Barker, unflappable ‘Price is Right’ emcee dies at 99

Balancing Law, Marketing, and Business Development: Embracing the Unconventional with Anam Khan – Asia Law Portal

Charitable: Eliminating Prejudice and Discrimination

Prof. Brandy Wagstaff on Josh Wright Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Using AI and Automation For Back Office Tasks: A Quiet Revolution in Law Firm Management

“Bald Girls Do Lunch” Unable to Sway the Federal Circuit in Case Involving Deuterated Drug for Alopecia Areata

What to Do If Falsely Accused of Domestic Abuse in Canada

Call for Chapters by UPES, Dehradun

When State Court Rules Limiting Sealing Aren’t Quite Followed ….

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