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The Industrial Welfare Commission Returns with Plans for More Protections for California Employees

Law Schools Can Apply for Variance to Admit Students Without LSAT

Tokenised Funds – Key UK Regulatory Considerations

FEC Seeks Comment on AI Petition After Earlier Deadlock, But New Rules Remain Elusive

New York State Introduces Bill to Impose Restrictions on the Use of AI Tools in Employment Decisions

It’s Usually Fine For Lawyers To Be Friends With Their Clients

Biden Administration Extends Temporary Protected Status for Ukrainians in the United States

Maryland Issues Guidance on Earned Wage Access Products

DC District Court: AI-Created Works Ineligible for Copyright 

Fired reporter drops Dechert suit; Hunter Biden’s lawyer resigns

India Supreme Court asserts their judicial review is limited to constitutional violations in Article 370 case – JURIST

Connecticut AG Leads Bipartisan State AG Coalition in Emphasizing the Importance of Federal-State Partnerships to Prevent Consumer Fraud

Why Effective Legal Ops Management Makes Business Sense and Frees Up Lawyers to Practice Law

Patent Linkage Litigation in China: A Two-Year Review

DeSantis Crony Overseeing Disney Tax District Serving Illegally Because OF COURSE!

UAE Court Dismisses Request to Extradite the Gupta Bothers to South Africa

Tenth Circuit Holds Oklahoma’s Patient’s Right to Pharmacy Choice Act Is Preempted by Federal Law

Beltway Buzz, August 18, 2023

Article: Heirs Property: An Examination of Probate Costs and the Costs of Postmortem Probate Avoidance

People of Color Remain Underrepresented on Washington Juries, a Study Shows

ABA: Students Can Now Earn Up to 50% of Credits Remotely for JD

India Passes Long Awaited Privacy Law

‘Circumstances Have Changed’: Lawyers Pitch Consolidated Talc Trials Against J&J

Donald Trump Calls Off Press Conference, Will Present ‘Irrefutable’ Evidence Of Vote Fraud During Infrastructure Week

What Is Legal Matter Management? Insights & Software

Massachusetts High Courts Sides With Night Club in Wrongful Death Suit

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