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2023 Automotive Trends Check-In: Trending Up or Trending Down? Spotlight: Risk and Litigation

Young Professional (Legal) at SAI, New Delhi

Tracking the Trajectory of COVID-19 Business Interruption Litigation

Judge Wrong To Refuse To Adjourn A Trial When A Party Displayed COVID-19 Symptoms (Miah v Ahmed) – Trials & Appeals & Compensation

Complaint to Magistrate under CrPC

Real Estate Photography Course – Affiliate – JR Resolutions

How Did The 3 Biggest For-Profit Hospital Chains Perform in Q2?

New York Judge Halts CAURD Licensing and Approvals

Under the GDPR, do companies that transmit personal information to an AI need to minimize the amount of time that data is retained?

Southwest Vows to Appeal Order Requiring Top Lawyers to Undergo ‘Religious Liberty Training’

Insiders: An Overlooked Security Threat Faced By Every Employer – Security

2nd Circuit rejects free exercise challenge to law ending religious exemptions for immunization mandate

Supreme Court majority reinstates regulations requiring background checks for sales of ‘ghost gun’ kits

Trial lawyer’s tales include wins, losses and international intrigue

Sanctioned lawyers must take classes from conservative Christian nonprofit, federal judge rules

A Change on the Horizon: US DOL Set to Finalize New Prevailing Wage Rules for Construction Industry

Young Professional (Legal) by University Grants Commission

Youth Marijuana Use Caused a Spike in ER Visits During COVID –

Alleged “Psychic Intuition” Isn’t Enough to Make a Federal Claim “Plausible” Enough to Withstand Dismissal

SK Capital Closes Fund With $800 Million – Healthcare

The Trump Indictment Hangover

Gunderson Dettmer Launches ChatGD; First U.S.-Based Firm To Develop Proprietary Internal Generative AI App

Morning Docket: 08.09.23

Sec 11 of Civil Procedure Code

Legal Associate at UniOps, Bengaluru

How Does the Divorce Process Actually Work?

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