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Morning Docket: 07.27.23

Election Commission of India: Powers and Functions

Childhood Neglect Has Long-term Physical, Emotional Consequences –

Section 56(2)(viib) Valuation Challenges by Taxmann

A&O Names New Interim Managing Partner

A Vaccine for Cancer Treatment May Be Around the Corner

Change In The Annual Financial Balance Sheet Total Criterion For The Exemption From Registration With The Turkish Data Controllers Registry (VERBIS) – Data Protection

Deposition Objections Cheat Sheet: A Guide for Lawyers

FSIS investigates 2 Mystery Salmonella Outbreaks linked to Ground Beef

Webinar on “Tax issues of Business Acquisition and Reconstruction”

Seventy Percent of Democrats and Democratic-Leaning Independents Support Speech Limits – JONATHAN TURLEY

Today in Supreme Court History: July 27, 1929

Aretha Franklin Feud Provides Will Warning – Wills/ Intestacy/ Estate Planning

Internship Opportunity at LHSS Collective, MNLU Mumbai

The Enforcement of Adjudicators’ Awards under the Housing Gr

Big Law’s Path to Office Mandates: The Morning Minute

5 Important Details to Know about Personal Injury Cases

The Court’s Defense of the “Forgotten Man”

Ozempic: The Death of the Deadly Sins? 

The Unnecessary Major Questions Doctrine – Mike Rappaport

Do Insurers Wrongfully Deny Claims Based Upon the Vague Wear and Tear Exclusion?

Who Can Benefit From a Car Accident Lawyer?

Trying To Keep Up – The FCA’s Regulatory Approach To Big Tech And Artificial Intelligence – Financial Services

Internship Opportunity at the Office of Lily Thomas

Edited Book on Legal Aid in India by GNLU

Marek Krizka of Sparring and Trama

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