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Myanmar dispatch: Supreme Court hears appeals by lawyers representing imprisoned Aung San Suu Kyi – JURIST

The California Supreme Court Sets Viking River Cruise Decision Adrift

Huie Secures Unanimous Defense Verdict in Traffic Light Case

Casner & Edwards Welcomes Winnie Zambrano as Summer Extern

303 Creative: SCOTUS Rules First Amendment Protects Colorado Website Designer from Creating ‘Expressive’ Wedding Websites For Same-Sex Couples

Legal Marketers Are Bullish on AI, Despite Some Firms Pushing Back

What’s Next for Silicon Valley

The Supreme Court Strengthens Religious Accommodation Requirements in Recent Case – KJK

GA Supreme Court Declines Invitation To Shred State’s Law To Protect Trump

‘Continue the Fight’: Law Firms Have Organized to Support Abortion Access Efforts

Buffalo Tops Families File Lawsuit Against Technology Companies, Shooter’s Parents

2023 Automotive Trends Check-In: Trending Up or Trending Down? Spotlight: Electric Vehicles

Pennsylvania Parochial School Families File Lawsuit Against Centre County School District

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Law Firm Financial Systems

Driving the Narrative: California Supreme Court’s Adolph v. Uber Technologies Decision Shifts Gears, Challenging U.S. Supreme Court’s Viking River Cruises v. Moriana Holding

My Insurance Doesn’t Cover That? Agency Guidance on “Junk Insurance”

Florida’s Record Number Of Personal Injury Cases Explained

CPPA’s Deputy Director of Enforcement Promises Vigorous Action by Expanded Enforcement Staff

Stroock’s Losses To Steptoe Amount To More Than 20 Lawyers And Staff

Amazon Prime’s Ongoing Battle Against Fake Reviews – KJK

Los Angeles Mayor Signs New Legislation Exempting Affordable Housing Projects from Site Plan Review

El Salvador microfinancing sting results in arrests of over 100 Colombians – JURIST

Glyphosate Moves Towards Reapproval in the E.U.

Illinois Supreme Court upholds law ending cash bail – JURIST

Attorneys Take To The Picket Line

EU-Tunisia migration agreement makes EU ‘complicit’ in human rights abuses: Amnesty International – JURIST

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