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Though Failed To Oppose “CANTERBURY” From Registration, Canterbury Managed To Invalidate The Squatter Mark Based On Bad Faith At Court Stage – Trademark

Regulators Send Warning Letter to Hospitals and Telehealth Providers About Tracking Technology Use

Keller and Heckman Files Supreme Court Amicus Brief on Behalf of ENDS Industry in Support of Request to Overturn or Limit the Chevron Doctrine

PAGA Litigation Remains in Play Following California Supreme Court Decision

Linked – What If the Next Big Social Media App Is … Nothing?

California Supreme Court Clarifies PAGA Standing When “Individual PAGA Claims” Have Been Compelled to Arbitration

Is Gen Z Killing Off The Supreme Court?

Journalists Should Be Skeptical of All Sources—Including Scientists

What happens when an AVO expires in NSW? – Family Law

Lewis Brisbois Litigator Joins Tesla’s Crew of ‘Hardcore Streetfighters’

Back to the BIPA Norm—Illinois Supreme Court Refuses to Reconsider Cothron Decision

Notre Dame Law Professor Has Trouble With Difficult Concept Of Counting To 2

Nationalization of Russian Assets of Investors From Unfriendly States Continues

FDIC Issues Guidance on Reporting Estimated Uninsured Deposits

Dallas Association of Young Lawyers’ Dinner & Dialogue

UN Human Rights Council Calls for Punishing Blasphemy (In This Instance, Quran Burning)

How To Fail The Bar Exam With Comedic Flair

Judge Confirms What We All Already Knew About FDA Serving Sizes

FTC and OCR Unite to Safeguard Hospital and Telehealth Data from Online Tracking Threats

U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies DOJ’s Authority to Dismiss Whistleblowers’ False Claims Act Suits, Questions Constitutionality of Qui Tam Provisions

How Twitter… err, X Will Transform Everything

An Offer to Academics Who Teach My Books in Their Classes

Agencies Issue New Draft Merger Guidelines and Create More Classic Antitrust Cases

Israeli Parliament Passes Law Limiting Judicial “Reasonableness” Review of Government Policies

It is good to be recognized for hard work, dedication and ethics

UNESCO condemns Russia strikes on Ukraine World Heritage Sites – JURIST

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