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California Infrastructure Plan Passes; Governor’s CEQA and Species Reforms are Narrowed, but Signed into Law

Lawyers At High Risk Of Losing Jobs To Artificial Intelligence Concludes OECD Based On… Nothing But Vibes

Consumer Reports Takes Steps to Save Lives

NBCE shares examples of what questions for new bar exam could look like

Organizational Integrity Shorts: Understanding the Various Layers of a Targeted Compliance Program

Iowa legislature passes fetal heartbeat abortion ban – JURIST

Connecticut Places Checks on PBM Contracts in Support of 340B Covered Entities

Connecticut Places Checks on PBM Contracts in Support of 340B Covered Entities

2023 Automotive Trends Check-In: Trending Up or Trending Down? Spotlight: Antitrust

Wendy M. Byrne Named to OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital Development Board 

Un-fore-gettable Summer Fun – LexBlog

MDL Panel Applies Procedural Rule to Texas-Led Multistate Action Against Google

The Law Schools With The Highest LSAT Scores (2022)

Bates Numbering: A Guide for Legal Professionals

7 Common Motorcycle Myths – Legal Reader

Who Do I Need to Sue to Get a Decent Cup of Coffee? Jittery Fiduciaries Consider Options as Health Plan Litigation Froths Up

Key Factors Influencing Fair Asset Division in Divorce Cases

U.S. Supreme Court Enacts More Stringent Religious Accommodations Standard for Employers

Edited Book on Consumer Protection Law in India

Construction Site Accidents: Understanding the Causes and Consequences

Mint recalled in Canada over E. coli

NYDFS Revises Its Proposed Amendments to Cybersecurity Regulations

Under the GDPR, do organizations that use personal information to train an AI need to minimize the amount of time training data is retained?

NextGen Bar Exam MC Questions Only Require Takers To Spot Issues, And Not Apply the Rules

Join Us at the 2023 HR Legal Summit – Register Today!

The Technology Advantage: How Your Peers Are Getting Ahead

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