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Download Edited Version Of 303 Creative v. Elenis From Barnett/Blackman Supplement

Recent debt recovery work being undertaken by both the ATO and SRO – Insolvency/Bankruptcy

Compensation cap and high-income threshold for unfair dismissals to increase from 1 July 2023 – Employee Rights/ Labour Relations

My CNN Article on “Why the Supreme Court Got it Right on Student Loans”

Employers Feeling the Heat: Washington Adopts Permanent Changes to Outdoor Heat Exposure Rules Effective July 17, 2023

Sacramento Superior Court Delays Enforcement of CPRA Implementing Regulations

Criminal offences relating to drug precursors – Crime

EPA Announces New Framework for New PFAS in Industry

Is it a criminal offence to import Ozempic without a prescription? – Crime

SCOTUS Ends The Term On A Low Note — See Also

Criminal offences in Australia relating to money laundering – Crime

COURT OF APPEAL SUMMARIES (June 26- June 30, 2023)

NJ Psychiatric Practice Fined for HIPAA Privacy Rule Violation

Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing: Ultimate Guide

Court agrees to hear Title VII employer discrimination case

Harm to Public Interest in Informed Decision-making Can Tip the Scales When Courts Weigh Preliminary Injunctions

The Supreme Court Has Weighed in: Employers Considering Title VII Religious Accommodation Requests Now Face a Heightened Standard

Association of Legal Administrators Hosts Social

Fox Could Have Settled With Tucker’s Producer Before She Put All His Ish On Main. They Chose To Do It After.

Following King Solomon’s Lead, the Supreme Court Moves to the Middle on Religious Accommodation under Title VII

Biden Says He Will try to do Student Loan Forgiveness Under the Higher Education Act of 1965

CFPB Reports on Banking Access and the Status of Consumer Finance in the Southern Region

Supreme Court Imposes Stricter Standards on Employers to Accommodate Religious Beliefs

Four David Sosas File Brief in Support of Fifth – Lowering the Bar

Four David Sosas File Brief in Support of Fifth – Lowering the Bar

Supreme Court Significantly Restricts Affirmative Action in Higher Education – Employers Take Note

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