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Motorcycles: Great Losses After the Accident

They’re Calling The Supreme Court’s Web Designer Opinion ‘Limited’ And They Are Absolutely Lying To You

“Today is a sad day in American constitutional law and in the lives of LGBT people”

Preventive Care Mandate Returned to Status Quo – Temporarily

HRW: Burkina Faso militia implicated in executions and torturing civilians – JURIST

Davis Malm Hosts Employment Law Webinar

SEC Charges Two Oregon Residents and Their Related Entities with $10 Million Ponzi-Like Scheme

Supreme Court Upholds Personal Jurisdiction by Corporate Registration

Elena Kagan Is So Sick Of The Supreme Court’s Crap

Employer DEI Programs May Face Challenge Under Statements in Supreme Court Decision on Racial Preferences

What is Schengen Immigration by Investment?

US Supreme Court finds in favor of web designer who refused to create websites for LGBTQ+ couples – JURIST

Justices take up major Second Amendment dispute

UN human rights office: Myanmar’s humanitarian crisis has reached ‘alarming levels’ – JURIST

Vietnam military court sentences former coast guard commander to 16 years prison – JURIST

Analysis of U.S. Food and Drug Administration Draft Guidance on Clinical Trials with Psychedelic Drugs

HRW: new evidence reveals Ukraine used banned landmines in Russia conflict – JURIST

If “Any Government Again Resorts to Racial or Ethnic Classifications to Ration Medical Treatment,”

Mergers And Office Openings: UK Firms Seek Growth In The US

S. Ct. Will Review Whether Second Amendment Allows Disarming of People Subject to Civil Restraining Orders

Court considers access-to-justice issues when ruling on divorce agreement

Ontario Superior Court rejects class action against clinic that exposed patients to hepatitis risk

Law Commission of Ontario seeks input on consumer protection in the digital marketplace

Deciding Lexpert Rising Stars Awards winners means tough choices, but a job our judges willing to do

Supreme Court strikes down Biden student-loan forgiveness program

SECURE 2.0 Expands Self-Correction Under EPCRS

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