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Is your Complying Development Certificate valid? – Construction & Planning

The Co-Authors of ‘How to Leave the Law’ Talk Timing Your Exit

‘Disengage Your Ego’: Exiting Legal Chief Offers Parting Wisdom

Legal Counsel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bangalore

Here Are the Law Schools ‘Overperforming’ on Bar Passage Rates, According to New Study

Internship Opportunity at The Chambers of Mr. Harmeet Singh Ruprah

Sackett ruling should erase the existing Waters of the U. S. rule, cattlemen say

FSA highlights food safety work at the CIEH conference

Financial Services Thinking – Issue 36 – Financial Services

Salmonella, pesticides, drugs spur FDA to step up enforcement actions against imported foods

Scottish food crime unit secures a first conviction.

Internship Opportunity at International Corporate Law Review

Family Five podcast: Episode 9 – My ex is hiding money, what can I do? – Divorce

AUSTRAC’s latest enforcement against financial crime – Money Laundering

Law Campus Ambassador at Jurists Global

Can staff be directed to work on a public holiday? – Employee Rights/ Labour Relations

My loved one died in a motor vehicle accident in NSW – Can I bring a claim for compensation, and if so, how? – Family Law

Claim Preclusion Across Infringement Types

Thorough and thoughtful account of Jones v. Hendrix and a pitch for a congressional response

Failing to give notice of injury in time – Employee Benefits & Compensation

So, who made the Salad?

Lawsuit Accusing North Carolina Speaker Tim Moore of Adultery is “Resolved”

After Supreme Court Guts Affirmative Action, Minority Advocates Sue Harvard Over Legacy Admissions Policy

Internship Experience at Sama, Online Lok Adalat

Five Online Lawyer Marketing Red Flags  That Can Leave Law Firms Red-Faced

Standing Out in a Competitive Industry: How Marketing Can Boost Your Visibility

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