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7 Safety Tips For Truckers

Post-Affirmative Action Diversity Acquisition Could Lead To New Applicant-Picking Criteria — See Also

How Big a Deal Is “Trump Too Small”? – SCOTUS Today

Wilson & Clas: Criminal Defenders Safeguarding Minnesotans’ Future

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services: A Beacon of Civil Justice

Draft Bill on Name, Image, and Likeness: Uniform Standard Contract, Medical Trust, NCAA Authority

Help! My Client Isn’t Paying Me!

IP Border Crossing Guards

California Physicians May Not Be Punished for Giving Pain Treatment to Patients Who Test Positive for Marijuana

The Circuit Court That’s Won The Most And The Least At The Supreme Court

The Nine Greatest Experts on the Internet, NOT! – The Supreme Court Considers the Algorithm in Google and Twitter

Mississippi Passes Bill Requiring Edtech Providers To Moderate Content

Family Sues Dunham Sports For Allegedly Selling Shotgun to ‘Straw Purchaser’

Mothering An IPO

How a Zero-Day Flaw in MOVEit Led to a Global Ransomware Attack

Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII): A growing concern – Data Protection

Lawyer’s racist and anti-Muslim rants on social media entitle defendant to new trial, court rules

Advancement Metrics 101 for Law School Deans Post #1: Fundraising Metrics

Smith’s Indictment of Trump In Florida Suggest He Won’t Bring An Insurrection Charge in D.C.

Shareholder April Kim named Law360 Rising Star

Kate Kalmykov Presents ‘Demystifying Hiring International Candidates on a Student Visa’ at Columbia University

Beltway Buzz, June 16, 2023

Biden’s longest-waiting judicial nominee confirmed; Trump’s ‘wack job’ comment added to defamation suit

Louisiana OMV Data Breach – How Should You Respond?

Louisiana OMV Data Breach – How Should You Respond?

What I Wish I Knew Then: An Interview With SDNY Judge Loretta A. Preska

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