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3rd Justice G. A. Thakker Memorial Lecture by MNLU, Mumbai.

Weathering the Complexity of a Business Interruption Claim

Jack Daniels wins big in challenge to spoofing “Bad Spaniels” dog toy

Oral Arguments Are Often Not Needed Since Many Judicial Decisions Are Predetermined

CNN obtains transcript of tape that is highlighted in unsealed espionage charges against Trump

No Pseudonymity for Plaintiff in Medical Data Breach Case

Call for Papers: GIBS Law Journal (GLJ)

Jack Daniels Tames the Pooch – SCOTUS Reverses 9th Circuit in Trademark Infringement Case Over Dog Toys

Rebecca Palmer Law Group Attorney John Dorris Recognized for His Pro Bono Work

Justice Thomas Had No Majority Opinion from October Sitting, But Still Wrote More Than Any Other Justice

Working To Close The Gavel Gap

Asian Law Students Association Legal Newsletter.

Systemising Your Law Firm While Keeping The Human Element

April and May 2023 Trade Law Update

EU and US Lawmakers Agree to Draft AI Code of Conduct

EU and US Lawmakers Agree to Draft AI Code of Conduct

The morning read for Friday, June 9

OpenAI Sued For Defamation Over ChatGPT ‘Hallucination’; But Who Should Actually Be Liable?

NCIA Event, June 13: Paul Coble Moderates Panel on Testing and Labeling for “Minor Cannabinoid” Products

2 SCOTUS justices delay financial disclosure; which justice listed $1,200 in flowers from Oprah?

HR Mastery Part One: Right People, Right Roles

Marshall Fire Investigation Disclosed –Findings Just as Dan Whalen Explained!

FCC Levies $5 Million Fine for Political Calling Campaign That Violated the TCPA

Private Client Comparative Guide –

Assessment Internship Opportunity at MAK Law Firm, Dehradun

200+ Trainee & Project Engineers Jobs

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