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Lilith Fund Abides – The Austin COA Says Beto’s Statements in the Warren Defamation Case are Not Defamatory

A Pivotal Moment for Mobile Discovery? PME: A Powerful Tool for Targeted Remote Collections

New Order on AI and Confidential Information from Court of International Trade Judge

Footage Release of Texas Mall Shooting Still In Debate, One Month Later

Negative Psychological Indicators NYPD Looks for in Candidates

#Pittsburgh’s Futures 13/x – Sewage, Datafication, and Postindustrial Cities

“We the People” Podcast on AI Libel, with Prof. Lyrissa Lidsky, Prof. Jeff Rosen, and Me

Do Insurance Regulators Have Any Clue About the Impact Words Have Regarding Coverage?

Infamous murderer, the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, dies in federal prison

Media starting to take more note of notable homicide declines in 2023

10 Best Job Opportunities for Freshers & Professionals Software Engineers at Google [1 Year Exp; C/C++; Java; JavaScript; Multiple Locations]: Apply Now! [Redirects to NoticeBard]

The MSCD5 Quick Reference Chart of the Categories of Contract Language

Morning after Poisoned Premiere

Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry

Internship Opportunity at PRS Legislative

Half of Americans Disapprove of Affirmative Action in College Admissions – JONATHAN TURLEY

Roughly Three-Fourths of Princeton Students Believe Shouting Down Speakers is Acceptable – JONATHAN TURLEY

Today in Supreme Court History: June 10, 1916

Lawctopus Law School’s course on Contract Lifecycle Management

Online Course on Companies Act

Webinar Series on “Blending Forensic Science with Law” by MUJ

The Trump Presidential Library – LexBlog

Equity and Inclusivity: Transgenders in Sports

Incorporation of Web3, NFTs, and Metaverse for lawyers

8th National CIPR Essay Writing Competition by CIPR, NUALS.

IPC Notes- Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code

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