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US Supreme Court Narrows the Definition of “Waters of the United States” with Respect to Wetlands for Purposes of Federal Jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act

Commercial Fishermen Urge Supreme Court to Reel In Agency Authority

Another Judicial Order Related to Lawyer Use of Generative AI

United States Supreme Court Holds That Section 11 Plaintiffs Must Purchase Securities Issued Under the Registration Statement They Seek to Challenge

Diller Stepping Down as Dean of Fordham Law

Arbitration opt out provisions benefit consumers, Professor Sovern

The Do’s of Depositions

NIL Deals Sweeping The SEC Could Lead To A Slippery Slope – Sport

CFPB’s War on Junk Fees

Duomatic Principle: The Limits Of Directors To Bind Companies – Shareholders

UK Reporting For Share Plans With UK Participants Due July 6 – Securities

Vietnam’s Inflows Aligning With Tech Advancements – Inward/ Foreign Investment

Human Rights And The Environment – European Parliament Adopts Amendments To Draft Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive – Corporate Governance

Video Series On Recent Developments Under The SFDR – Episode 2 – Fund Management/ REITs

Intellectual Property Guide On Health-Tech Innovations – Trademark

Cyprus Citizenship Through Permanent Residence (PR) – Investment Immigration

Timing Is Relative When Trying To Go In-House

CONMEBOL Libertadores Futsal 2023 Medical and Anti-Doping Report

Are Abortion Bans Takings?

Thursday, June 8, 2023 – How Appealing

New Orleans City Planning Commission to Study and Make Recommendations Regarding Changes to Commercial Short-Term Rental Regulations

Former Judge James Crandall: Notes on the Judiciary

Former Judge James Crandall: Notes on the Judiciary

Rob Blank Invited to Join the American Board of Trial Advocates

An Embarrassingly Unbalanced Law School Webinar on Affirmative Action

Australia government to introduce legislation banning swastikas and other Nazi symbols – JURIST

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