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Senior Legal Analyst at Invesco, Hyderabad

What happens if your child gets abducted and you have to make a Hague Convention application to have your child returned to you? – Family Law

Additional Sanctions And Export Control Measures On Russia Following G7 Summit – Export Controls & Trade & Investment Sanctions

The FTC Safeguards Rule: A Deep Dive Into The Revisions Effective June 9, 2023 (Podcast) –

Tennessee Supreme Court Examines Standard for “Severe Abuse” in Nashville, Tennessee Termination of Parental Rights: In re Markus E.

ESG: A Catalyst For Economic Development – Environmental Law

‘Representations’ can result in criminal charges being withdrawn – Crime

Canada Is Introducing Patent Term Adjustment: Here’s What We Know – Patent

The history of currency, counterfeiting and the evolution of counterfeiting offences – Crime

Open Mic Extravaganza by National Judicial Reforms Council

Internship Opportunity at Puthran and Associates

Telangana Hc: Tribunal Lacks Competence To Revive Terminated Arbitration Proceedings

Calcutta High Court: Section 9 Of Arbitration Act Applicable Even After Passing Of Foreign Awards-Balasore Alloys Limited V. Medima Llc

Supreme Court Clarifies Duty Of Referral Court To Examine Existence Of Arbitration Agreement

NSW police officer charged with assault over fatal tasering of great-grandmother – Crime

Starting strong: Establishing jurisdiction in work health and safety prosecutions (Part 2) – Employment Litigation/ Tribunals

Analysis of the 4 Judges Case and the Collegium System

Paid Internship Opportunity at Xiimba Ecosystems Private Limited

Data Retention Policy: what is it, and why is it needed?

International Journal of Transparency and Accountability in Governance

Uncertainty For The North Carolina Pork Industry: US Supreme Court Upholds California’s Proposition 12 – Environmental Law

An overview of Victoria’s new Windfall Gains Tax – Property Taxes

Proper food storage tips to avoid food poisoning from holiday leftovers

Point Of Order – Court Procedure

Insuring Your Construction Project’s Eye In The Sky: Understanding Drone Insurance Coverage – Technology

Prosecution History Estoppel And Trade Mark Infringement: Recent Developments – Trademark

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