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Calculating Average Weekly Wage – LexBlog

H&M Wins Dismissal of Greenwashing Lawsuit

H&M Wins Dismissal of Greenwashing Lawsuit

NHTSA And Motor Vehicle Safety Update – Rail, Road & Cycling

Start-of-summer update on the relatively good homicide news from cities in first half of 2023

Meet the team: Haseena Muqarab

How to Get Spouse Visa In Egypt? (CR1/IR1)

How to Get Spouse Visa In Colombia? (CR1/IR1)

More Evidence that Biden’s Private Sponsorship Migrant Parole Policy Reduced Illegal Migration by Making the Legal Kind Easier

“The Animal Crushing Offense Loophole”

Texas Legislature Passes Consumer Data Privacy Bill

New Iowa Law Addresses Sexual Materials In School Curriculum; Parental Rights

Defense win: year-long wait for initial appearance requires dismissal w/o prejudice

Texas House of Representatives votes to impeach state attorney general – JURIST

Chatt Professor Gets 7 Years Alimony After 21 Year Marriage

Disengaged TN Dad Gets Only Limited Parenting Time

No Judicial Recusal for Claimed Xenophobic Statements

Cyclic Update: The Month of May

May Review: Brace for Change, Breathe for Brains, Buy Stuff

Peaks and Valleys? Summer 2023 eDiscovery Pricing Survey Results

Elon Musk says he doesn’t plan to give his kids control of his companies

Enterprise Risk Management for Nonprofits: An Introduction

Kosovo police fire tear gas at Serb protest against appointment of Albanian mayors – JURIST

Over 100 Germany civil servants to leave Russia as war in Ukraine continues – JURIST

International Bar Association calls for UN to create tribunal for Russia – JURIST

English Court Enforces Chinese Judgments, Confirming Double Default Interest

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