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The Difference between Settlement and Trial in Personal Injury Cases in Pikeville, KY

Interim Dean of Mercer Law Appointed to Full Deanship

AI in Law: Don’t Blame the Technology for Bad Lawyering

Celebrating 30,000 Case Law Decisions in eDiscovery Assistant!

After Testy Trial Wraps, Video Game Developers Await Verdict in Copyright Battle Over Record-Selling ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’

Peter Rabbit’s Paradise: Senate Bill 23-178 Signed Into Law

Target Moscow? Russo-Ukrainian War Update (May 23-30, 2023)

Reversal Rates In The Sixth Circuit And Elsewhere

No Fly Zone: Delta Is Getting Hit With A Misrepresentation Suit

Oral Communications with a Decedent May Be Allowed to Prove an Oral Contract

How to Spot Counterfeit Goods on Chinese E-commerce Websites?

Should Judges And Lawyers Sometimes Violate Legal Ethics To Promote The Public Good?

What You Need To Know

Reproductive Health: Over the Counter Birth Control Pill Supported by FDA Advisory Committees

“A Rose By Any Other Name”, The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act

NAD Addresses Hyperlinked Disclosures – LexBlog

Ending “Crappy Funding Practices” – LexBlog

The Crown Act: Unbraiding the Legal Issues for Employers

New York Law, Not Massachusetts Law, Applies to Patient’s Suit said Judge

Supreme Court Unanimously Holds That The Government Must Return Excess Equity To The Taxpayer After Selling Her Home

Guest Post: What D&O Professionals Need to Know About CBDCs and Stablecoins

NLRB Limits Employers’ Ability to Discipline Employees for Abusive Conduct

NLRB General Counsel Joins FTC in Biden Administration Assault on Noncompete Agreements

Food labeling lawyer’s ‘warehouse of complaints’ are ‘not fit for public consumption,’ judge says

How to Get More From Your Blog Posts

The Florida Bar Launches First-Ever Statewide Virtual Mentoring Program for New Florida Lawyers

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