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“Debt Sentence: How Fines and Fees Hurt Working Families”

How to Accept ACH Payments

Ross Guberman and Robert Scavone on How Lawyers Can Use ChatGPT

The Comprehensive US Privacy Law Deluge: Which US Privacy Laws Apply to Your Company?

What Business Lawyers Need to Know Now That Canada Passed “Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chain Act.”

Reevaluating Restrictive Covenants in Equity Award Agreements

Navigating Oil & Gas Joint Venture Disputes: Insights From An Accounting Expert – Oil, Gas & Electricity

Trump Vows To End Birthright Citizenship, Upping Stakes In Crazy-Off With DeSantis

Questioning Conventionality and Redefining Process in Patent Eligibility Law

FCC Proposes $1.46 Million Penalty on Skyswitch

FCC Vacates 2015 Forfeiture Policy Statement that Used Treble Damages

NIST Releases Revised Cybersecurity Controls And Requirements For Protection Of Controlled Unclassified Information Resident In Contractor Information Technology Systems – Government Contracts, Procurement & PPP

12 Ways to Strengthen Your Professional Relationships and Bring in More Business

IPEF Partners Conclude Negotiations of Proposed Supply Chain Agreement

Police And Prosecutors Allegedly Engaged In Scheme Of Using Sex And Drugs To Coerce Confessions

Nevada governor signs abortion protections into law – JURIST

Another Carnival Cruise Guest Overboard and a Late and Unsuccessful Search: How Long Will Carnival Continue to Operate Without Automatic Man Overboard Systems Required Over A Decade Ago?

Summer State/Local Law Round-Up, Part 1 of 2 (US)

Florida Legislature Reduces State-Level Sales Tax on Most Real Property Leases

Federal Judge Requires All Lawyers to File Certificates Related to Use of Generative AI

Former Wells Fargo Senior Executive Carrie Tolstedt Agress to Settle SEC Fraud Charges for Misleading Investors About Abusive Sales Practices to Inflate a Key Performance Metric

SDNY Prosecutors Urge Judge to Reject Sam Bankman-Fried’s Motions to Dismiss in FTX Case

AI is Not Quite Ready to Replace the Lawyers

Implementing an Effective Compliance Program: A Focus on Element Seven

Illinois Court Requires Express Delineation of Any Non-Employment Consideration for a Restrictive Covenant

USCIS Guidance on Analyzing Employers Ability to Pay Wages

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