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Fascinating tale of a singular federal prosecution (and notable sentencing) of DC marijuana distributors

Car Accident Attorneys’ Role in Drunk Driving Cases in Philadelphia, PA

Lawyers Willing To Fight, Mergers, And Chastising Congress – See Also

Maximizing Compensation for Natural Disaster Victims: A Las Vegas Insurance Attorney’s Role

Sunstein Scores $5M Trade Secret Jury Verdict for KPM Analytics

Employers Face New Accommodation Requirements For Nursing Mothers

Idaho Public Health weighs in on Papa Murphy’s Salmonella Outbreak

Partners At The Largest Biglaw Firms Are Billing At Super-High Rates

Debt Ceiling Impasse Creates Uncertainty for Federal Courts

How Houston Personal Injury Attorneys Help Prove Liability in Your Case

Wa. Court Joins Other States In Masked Jury Decision During COVID-19 Pandemic

Unions File Antitrust Complaint Against UPMC & Allege ‘Draconian’ Labor Practices

Arizona Appeals Court Clarifies ‘Clerical’ and ‘Judgmental’ Mistakes in Court

Some Thoughts on Amgen v. Sanofi

Indiana, Montana, and Tennessee Enact General Data Privacy Laws, Bringing the Total to Nine and Counting

How to Get Your Dog Back From Someone (Including Your Ex)

CDC updates Papa Murphy’s Salmonella Cookie Dough Outbreak

Trump Lawyers Struggle To Keep Up With Client’s Constant Defamations Of E. Jean Carroll

Russia’s Wagner Group suspected of smuggling arms to Ukraine via Mali – JURIST

Types of Criminal Defense Attorneys in Orlando, FL

Protecting Your Business: How a Frederick, MD Attorney Can Help You Navigate Legal Challenges

Judge Prevents Mississippi From Creating White-Elected Courts For Black Counties… For Now

Hot sauce recalled in New York over risk of pressurization from fermentation

Compensation for Long-Term Injuries: Macon, GA Personal Injury Attorney

Taco Bell seeks to cancel trademarks for ‘Taco Tuesday’ in ‘liberation’ campaign

Harlan Crow’s Lawyers Tell Senate They’re Going To Take Their Chances With Contempt

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